This is a copy of my article for the AUGUST 2013 edition of the Billericay ‘Around Town Magazine’

It’s a Boy! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (their families and the international community) have welcomed Prince George of Cambridge, the newest member of the Royal Family.

The world has been waiting, in a heightened state of frenzy, for weeks for the arrival of the Royal baby, with 100’s of journalists, photographers, reporters, technicians (and fans) capturing all the comings and goings in and out of the Lindo Wing where Prince George was born and, of course, outside Buckingham Palace where, as tradition dictates, the official announcement was placed on an easel.

Waiting is an unusual experience for us. We have come to expect immediate results on an almost daily basis. We have instant coffee. Instant replays. Instant messaging.  Instant results. Instant food. Instant downloads. Instant loans.

In truth, however, waiting has much to teach us. Noah waited 120 years from the time God told him to build the ark until the time of the flood. Abraham waited 25 years for the birth of his son Isaac. The Israelites waited 430 years before God delivered them from the Egyptians. Moses waited in the desert for 40 years before he was sent by God to rescue the Israelites. They, in turn, waited for 40 years in the wilderness before entering the land of Canaan. Jesus waited until he was 30 to start his public ministry.

Waiting in life, even for a Royal arrival, is part of our human experience and it reminds us how God’s timing is not always our timing and how His ways are not always our ways.

It’s a hard to comprehend the responsibility that this 8lb 6oz bundle of joy will have as third in line to the throne. Prince George is destined to be the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states and their territories and dependencies, head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations and the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. He certainly needs our prayers.  Might you be able to pray this prayer (issued by the Church of England) for the newly born prince?

God our Creator, who knows each of us by name and loves us from all eternity: we give you thanks for new life and human love.  Bless William and Catherine as they welcome their son into the world.  Give them patience and wisdom to cherish and love him as he grows. Surround the family with the light of hope and the warmth of your love today and always; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.