‘Busy’ is one of the more harmful four-letter words in our vocabulary. This year, might you be willing to create time to gain a new set of habits that may not only change your life, but the lives of those around you? The following three suggestions are easy to do and encourage you to think about other people during this season of Lent. Life isn’t something that starts when work stops!

This could be three people each week: one family member, one neighbour and one person you don’t know!  It could be simple words of encouragement; or an act of kindness through something practical such as running an errand or tidying the garden for those who are house bound; or even paying something towards the grocery bill for someone behind you in the queue!  We bless others in response to all that we have been blessed with ourselves.

2. EAT
Might you be willing to arrange a dinner party (or a brunch) and offer hospitality to friends and neighbours and spend time just getting to know each other? There’s nothing more social and engaging than food and conversation. When we eat and talk together we discover how many of us share the same hopes, disappointments and fears. We often gain strength when we learn from the experiences of others.

Sometimes we can be so busy, and distracted, rushing about that we don’t have time to listen to those around us. Why not set time aside to listen to someone whom you know is really struggling?  Something as simple as a listening ear can be a cause of healing and comfort to others – especially in a time poor society.  Offering time to listen to someone can be a very precious gift.

Imagine what difference we could make to Billericay in the weeks leading up to Easter if everyone of us made an effort to do the three things above?  It could be quite amazing, don’t you think?  Let your imagination run wild and email me with your stories.

Adapted from my March 2014 Around Town Magazine article.