Might I encourage you to think a little more about how you pray?

When you pray, remind yourself that you live in a hostile world and pray accordingly. Pray for strength and protection. Pray for wisdom and discernment in avoiding places and situations where you may be exposed to temptation.

When you pray, ask God to give you wisdom and insight to understand the strategy and tricks of the devil. Pray that you will be clear-minded and not distracted.

When you pray, ask God to show you your weaknesses and reveal to you how you can deal with them so that your defences will be built up.

When you pray, ask God to give you strength through his Spirit so that not only can you resist the temptations of the devil, but you can wrestle successfully with his forces to bring glory to Jesus.

When you pray, become intercessors on behalf of your brothers and sisters in Jesus.

When you pray, pray for people around you, for your workplace, your home, your town and country. Pray about the world and especially those places where it seems the devil is having a major influence.

When you pray, pray in faith that God will answer your prayers.