This month at Emmanuel we begin a new Bible series looking at the story of Moses from the book of Exodus and I invite you to join with us!  Most people’s knowledge of the story of Moses is found through watching Cecil B. Demille’s classic film ‘The Ten Commandments’ starring Charlton Heston (see picture above) or the DreamWorks movie ‘The Prince Of Egypt’, than they do from the Bible.

This study provides an opportunity for us to take a much closer look at one of the heroes of the Old Testament. Moses wasn’t perfect, but that didn’t prevent God from using him for His plans and purposes.

I believe this series will enable us to be: encouraged as we see how God uses imperfect, ordinary people to do His work: grow deeper in our journey of faith; and be more willing to allow God to work in and through us to carry out His purposes for our lives.

4 January Drawn Out Of The Water       Exodus 2:1-25
28 January The Burning Bush Exodus 3:1-22
11 February Let My People Go        Exodus 5:1-23 & 6:1-8
25 February Release Of The Captives Exodus 12:17-42
4 March Parting Of The Red Sea Exodus 14:1-31
18 March The Golden Calf       Exodus 32:1-14
8 April The Ten Commandments Exodus 20:1-21

Moses spent 40 years in Egypt learning something; 40 years in the desert learning to be nothing; and 40 years in the wilderness proving God to be everything.

Home Group sermons are usually preached on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month (with changes to accommodate Mothering Sunday in March).

All sermons are recorded and full sermon notes are provided (along with questions to set you thinking) and they can be found here a couple of days after the Sunday in question.