My mate Matt Everard has been instrumental in setting up a new movement B.A.R.K (Billericay Acts of Random Kindness). I came up with the name/acronym!  Honestly!

Matt describes it as a movement involved in engaging in and inspiring ‘Random Acts of Kindness” in Billericay.

We are going to work together to improve things in our town and create a great community by pooling our resources to help others. Kindness. Happiness. Friendship. Community.

You can listen to a 15 min interview with Matt on local radio station PhoenixFM where yours truly gets a mention!

You can follow B.A.R.K  on facebook where there are currently around 1500 members.

Matt also has a column in The Billericay ‘Around Town Magazine’ and you can also follow B.A.R.K on twitter @BarkBillericay

This really is such a simple idea and it’s an idea that is grabbing people’s attention and imagination.  If you live in Billericay, why not get involved?  If you live outside of Billericay why not set up something similar in your community?