Let not the weight of expectation from this glorious nation,
Become a heavy burden upon rigid shoulders:
Shake off the shackles of fear
And stare the gods of immortality directly in their eyes with a focussed concentration.

Now is our time,
This is our moment to shine,
And to stand side by side with the marbles statues of legends
Situated in a golden pantheon of glory.

For every goal that is scored, the three lions will roar;
For each goal we concede, those lions will bleed.

Blood, sweat and tears are temporary
And a small price to pay in comparison to a lifetime of regret.
England is dreaming of victory from the beautiful game.

Be inspired and come alive with imagination;
As a friendly war is fought between nations,
In a carnival of colour and joy;
Let the ball be your ammunition,
And your feet be the weapons of choice.

Let us not dwell on unfulfilled promises,
Of golden generations,
Or of football coming home.

Do it for your country.
Do it for yourselves.
Come on England.