Love this song by my friend, and one of my favourite artists, Rob Halligan. Taken from his 2016 album ‘Wild Horses’. You can listen to the song at the bottom of this post.

Was a holy night when the sky turned bright
And heaven sang for all it’s worth
And the angel said don’t be afraid
Peace has come to earth
You’ll find the babe in the strangest place
On the darkest side of town
No castle walls or palace halls
Just starlight shining down

They sang Hosanna
Hosanna again

He lived his days showing us the ways
We could change the world
No poisoned sword just love filled words
Of wisdoms precious jewels
And as he rode in they hailed their king
And sang as he passed by
All the world will see God set us free
When peace is lifted high

With peace he bore the unbearable
And took it all for you and me
And took it down, down, down to the ground
That everyone might see
That he healed the rift and left a gift
We could take if we choose
He said “When I go you are not alone
My peace I leave with you”

© 2016 Rob Halligan/Blatant Promotions

UPDATE 2 DECEMBER 2020 By special request, Rob recorded an updated version of this song for our Virtual Carol Service at Emmanuel on 13 December 2020.  I’ll post this here after it’s been premiered on 13.12.