Our churches continue to be closed and there won’t be a livestream service this Sunday. Instead, this will be a virtual service on our YouTube Channel put together by Richard Shipton and family – I’ll be popping up too! However, there is still the opportunity for us to worship together as this goes ‘live’ at 10.30 am. If you are interested, or intrigued, you can watch here Emmanuel Church Billericay – You Tube

You can also download a service sheet below so you can follow what’s being said and sing-a-long!

Website Worship Sunday 19 April 2020
Website Worship Sunday 19 April 2020 – Visually Impaired

Christine Williams will be speaking on the last in our Home Group series on the ‘I AM Saying of Jesus’ with, quite appropriately, on this first Sunday after Easter ‘I AM The Resurrection’.

Home Group notes can be downloaded here

Website Worship Sunday 19 April 2020