Poet, singer and Welsh ‘icon’ Max Boyce contrasts the worlds of rugby, his hometown, faith  and lockdown in his poem about Coronavirus. This was read as part of the NHS Wales Livestream Fundraiser. There’s no video available but you can listen to Max reading this on BBC Radio Wales via Facebook here

Last night as I lay sleeping, when dreams came fast to me
I dreamt I saw JERUSALEM beside a tideless sea
And one dream I’ll remember as the stars began to fall
Was Banksy painting Alun Wyn on my neighbour’s garage wall

And dreams like that sustain me ‘til these darkest times have passed
And chase away the shadows no caring night should cast
But times like this can shine a light as hardship often can
To see the best in people and the good there is in man
And I remember Swansea with nobody about
The shops were closed like Sunday and just the tide went out

And I remember Mumbles with the harbour in its keep
And the fishing boats at anchor that trawl the waters deep
And I heard the seabirds calling as the gulls all wheeled about
But all the town was sleeping now and just the tide went out

And when these days are over and memories remain
When children painted Rainbows and the sun shone through the rain
And the doctors and the nurses who stretchered all the pain
And I hope the carers never see a time like this again

And I prayed last week for Boris, who knocked on Heavens door
And I thought of voting Tory, which I’ve never done before
And though the sun is shining I’ve no immediate plans
So I’ll write a book on ‘Staying In’ and ‘Ways To Wash Your Hands’

And now more days of lockdown, three weeks of staying in
I’m running out of vodka and I’ve started on the gin
And my neighbours are complaining, I’ve heard them scream and shout
With the sound the bins are making when I take the empties out

And when all this is over, and our fragile world survives
And I hope that God is caring now for the ones who gave their lives
And I pray we’ll find an answer, for my faith is cast in doubt
And God draws back the heavens and all the stars come out

And I’ll remember mornings with nobody about
When the shops were closed like Sunday, and just the tide went out

Max Boyce MBE