We’re sure many of you will welcome the decision of the District Church Council to  confirm the reopening of Emmanuel for Public Worship on Sunday 18 April  2021. This will give many of us the opportunity to get back into some normality as lockdown continues to ease and we gain more confidence to be ‘out and about’ after being in isolation for so long.

We plan to have both 8.30 am and 10.30 am services taking place (though the 10.30 am service will be a shortened service, similar to our online version).

It would be helpful if those attending services were to register online for each individual service on a WEEKLY BASIS (please enter one name per entry) this will also enable us to manage our numbers and make it easier to comply with ‘Test & Trace’ etc. There will be an opportunity for a people to complete a ‘Test & Trace’ form on arrival for those unable to book online and for those who may choose to attend on the ‘spur of the moment’. However, pre-registration will ensure a minimal queue as people arrive.  You can register for our 8.30 am and 10.30 am Sunday services here 



The Government and CofE guidelines suggest that Face Masks are compulsory for all those attending a place of worship.  The only exceptions are:

  • Those leading services (including preacher, those leading prayers or reading the Bible passage).
  • Children under the age of 11 yrs.
  • Those who are exempt from wearing Face Masks because of health conditions.
  • Whilst you are receiving Holy Communion.

The government guidelines released on 1 December state: “A face visor or shield may be worn in addition to a face covering but not instead of one. This is because face visors or shields do not adequately cover the nose or mouth.” Please can we ask that you follow this advice when you attend Emmanuel.  And remember, you wear a mask correctly to protect those around you. 

Please remember the correct way to wear a face mask is over the nose AND the mouth not just the mouth. This helps protects yourself and the people around you. 

How to Wear a Mask Poster by Mallory Goulding | Teachers Pay Teachers

If you are exempt from wearing a mask, please wear your badge so that those around you are aware of this. 

We will have a supply of disposable Face Masks available if you forget to bring yours with you – donations gratefully received.    

We will not allow the 10.30 am attendees to enter church until chairs, touchpoint’s and toilets are sanitised after the 8.30 am service.

If you would be willing to volunteer to help ensure that Sunday services run smoothly, and to ensure chairs, touchpoint’s and toilets are sanitised in-betweens services, please let Alan know 

We will continue to livestream our 10.30 am Sunday services on the Emmanuel YouTube Channel Please note that on some occasions our services may have to pre-recorded.


NB. These guidelines are liable to be updated over the coming weeks.   

Our Risk Assessment includes strict protocols regarding movement in church with a one-way system in place with a separate entrance (glass doors) and exit (fire doors). There will be the usual sanitising of hands on entrance and exit. There is an expectation that the church will fill up from the FRONT  first and exit from the FRONT first when the service is over. Please help us to help you by following instructions on this page and given to you on the day.

With physical distancing in place we will only be able to accommodate a maximum of 80 people seated at any one service (including ‘bum’ seats). Families and/or bubbles will be able to move chairs to sit together – please arrive with those whom you want to sit next to. Please do not sit on more than one chair and you must remain seated and not walk around to talk to other church members before the service begins.

Depending on numbers, we have the option to overflow into the hall, but there would be no video link. There is also the option of a repeat service in the afternoon/evening if there is enough interest.

One of the guidelines for public worship is that windows and doors are open for ventilation.  This may mean the church could be a little chilly at times! Please be sure to wear something warm – just in case.

Congregational singing is still not permitted (though members may wish to hum along or sing gently under their breath or tap their feet!). We do, however, have the option of one person leading our worship as long as they wearing a mask/visor.  It maybe that we will continue with videos (as we have done online) for the first few weeks at our 10.30 am service.

These can be used as long as they are put into quarantine for 72 hours before using again.  Church members are encouraged to bring their own Bibles to church.  Service sheets will be used on a weekly basis at the 8.30 am service. We will continue to use PowerPoint at our 10.30 am service and service sheets for Communion.

There will be a tray for offerings as people arrive in church.

Unfortunately, due to CofE guidelines, we are not able to provide facilities for Creche, Kindergarten, Mini-Heroes, Heroes and Trinity Tribe.  We realise this is a great disappointment for young families and for us as a church family. However,  Messy Church will continue – watch out for details about this.

It is our intention to share Communion together at both services.  Please bear with us at the 10.30 am  – the numbers involved and how we distribute need to be carefully considered.

No decisions have been made as to how, and when, Prayer Ministry will take place. Watch this space for updates.

Toilets will be open, however, people will be expected to sanitise before/after their own use (they will be thoroughly cleaned after each service). Those wanting to use our facilities will be required to exit church by the fire exit and re-enter church by the glass doors. This is to limit crossover and minimise contact with other members.

We are not able to serve refreshments at the moment

Everyone will be expected to leave church quickly once the service ends. However, there is no restriction on time people can spend having conversations outdoors. Please do not congregate at the exit and be sure to keep to current government restrictions on meeting in groups.