‘Change In The Light’ is an accomplished second album from Leeds based ‘Ten Fields’ who consist of: Debbie Harris (guitar / vocals); singer / songwriter Rhys Kelly (vocals / keyboards / guitar), Nathan Kelly (guitars), Rick Robinson (bass / vocals) and Henry Barker (drums).

Due to be released on 29 January 2022, I was given a preview CD by band member and friend Debs!  ‘Change In The Light’ is a pleasing Americana album with listenable and melodic tunes (an interchange of) heartfelt vocals and beautiful harmonies. With rich arrangements and first class production, the experienced musicianship certainly shines through – as does the song writing (I would have liked the lyrics as an insert for my indulgence!).

‘Change In The Light’ has just the right mixture of upbeat songs and reflective ballads with shades of Fleetwood Mac, Ben Glover and AMAUK winners Lewis & Leigh and Robbie Cavanagh. However, the sound is distinctively theirs, and is certainly up there with some of the best Americana releases in recent times.

Ten Fields

Highlights for me include the brooding opening track ‘Butterfly‘ and their second single from the album ‘Bottles and Rust’ with a driving beat and lovely harmonies, ‘A Kinder Love (Breathing Me In)’ with some clever guitar work and the upbeat ‘Coffee And Wine’ with a ‘to die for’ Hammond organ overlay.

Ten Fields are certainly a band to look out for and if you’re looking for new artists to enjoy, then look no further – they are certainly deserving of a wider audience!

I’ll definitely be looking to book them for my famous ‘Gig In The Garden’.

As an aside, the album features artwork by the award-winning artist Jo Holdsworth which I loved! You can read the background to Ten Fields choosing the artwork here 

‘Change In The Light’ can be ordered / downloaded here 

(Rev) Paul A. Carr
‘revpacman promotions’
Billericay, Essex
January 2022

I asked a friend of mine, Chris Kyan from Little Rabbit Barn to review this album on Ten Fields’ behalf and this is what he had to say:

When Paul Carr suggests to you some new music to appraise you realise it’s time to pay attention, such is his track record for supporting and hosting great talent even in his own home. Anyone who has ever attended one of Paul’s gigs will immediately understand where I am coming from here.

So we come to the new album from the band Ten Fields called Change in the Light. A lovely slice of Adult Contemporary Rock / Americana that will make rewarding listening …

Butterfly opens the album with a gentle haunting piano on a song that builds with lovely harmonies before a quiet close… Bottles and Rust was another single taken from the album that bowls along with beautiful harmonies, a great driving song, windows down on a summers day, the same goes for A Kinder Love (Breath Me In) which brought back to me the flavour Andy Fairweather-Low Be Bop n Holla (If your memories go back that far).

I have been lucky enough to preview, what is, a well recorded and executed piece of art, and who knows, we may get to catch them live soon enough.

Chris Kyan
Little Rabbit Barn
Colchester, Essex
January 2022

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