It’s almost hard to believe we’ve reached the end of yet another year. And what a year it’s been.  COVID 19 still affects so many of our lives. Rail and postage strikes have taken their toll. We have a utilities crisis with more people are living in poverty than ever before – choosing to ‘eat or heat’. Not to mention rising interest rates and higher mortgages and more Foodbanks opening every week. And, with the war in Ukraine, we’re closer to a European War than we’ve been since 1945.  It’s quite depressing, isn’t it? All of these things threaten our long-term health, our livelihoods, our homes, our families, our communities, our mental health and even our faith.

But thank God, literally for music and joy it brings to our lives on a daily basis and that will be true for all of us in 2023 – whatever comes our way! Do support artists if you can by going to see them live or buying / downloading their music. Do support the artists who play in Billericay in 2023 – it is a lifeline for them.

Some of you may be aware that w/c 30 January is Independent Venue Week. I quite like the 10 Commandments issued below …

Independent Music Venue Week 2023

MY BEST SONGS OF 2022 Make yourself a brew, open a can or fill a glass and sit back and enjoy some fabulous (mostly British) talent for an hour or so!

My Best Songs of 2022

What’s Coming Up?

HOUSE GIG: JOE ANDERTON Joe is probably better known as a member of the Connor Selby Band but he is an amazing artist in his own right and fronts his own band too! I have  couple of places available on Friday 13 January 2023 if anyone would like to snap them up! NB. As of 12 January this event is now FULL. Sorry!

House Gig: Joe Anderton

AMAUK Awards 2023

HOUSE GIG: HANNAH WHITE Hannah White is the UK artist everyone is talking about with her Americana Music Association UK nomination for Song Of The Year 2023 award for her single ‘Car Crash’. I’m delighted to say she’ll be playing at Billericay Rectory on Friday 17 February 2023. More details here

House Gig: Hannah White

LIVE AT EMMANUEL: VINESONG Some of you may have enjoyed Vinesong when they played in January 2022 – they are returning by popular demand. More details here:

Live at Emmanuel: Vinesong

LIVE AT EMMANUEL: BILLY MITCHELL AND BOB FOX After a hugely well received sell out gig at Emmanuel in April 2022 with The Lindisfarne Story: 50 Years Of Fog Billy returns on Friday 31 March 2023 with long-time collaborator Bob Fox. Ticket sales are very slow. If these don’t pick up soon it might be this event will be cancelled. Such a shame when over 200 attended the Lindisfarne event.  More details here:

Live at Emmanuel: Billy Mitchell & Bob Fox

HOUSE GIG: ROBERT VINCENT None other than Robert Vincent and Anna Corcoran will be playing at Billericay Rectory – just trying to finalise dates – so keep an eye on my website.  Robert has played in my garden, Saint Mary’s and Emmanuel so it makes sense that he completes the set. It’s probable that tickets for this event might be more expensive than usual.

What Am I Listening To At The Moment? 

Christine McVie / Perfect
Ben Jordan
Madeleine Edwards
Hannah White
The Clubs
Fantastic Cat
Marcus King
Jenny Colquitt
Zac Brown Band
Keith Urban
The Kursaal Flyers
The Specials
The Pencils

A Couple of Articles To Read!

BLUE MONDAY It’s said the first Monday in January is ‘Divorce Monday’ (the less said about that the better) but the third Monday in January is known as ‘Blue Monday’ – following the most miserable weekend of the year! This article gives you the background:

Blue Monday

TERRY HALL, RIP Known for his dour image and sharp wit, Hall chronicled the social and economic unrest of the times quite brilliantly.

Terry Hall, RIP

SHHH … THERE’S A BAND PLAYING This issue  never goes away. I’m constantly reading complaints about the way people do, and don’t behave, when attending gigs!

Shhh … there’s a band playing!

MESSY CHURCH This might be of some interest to those of you with young families who live locally

Messy Church at Emmanuel

EMMANUEL CHURCH We are pretty much fully open now and continue to livestream every Sunday at 10.30 am on YouTube.

Do continue to support your favourite artists if you can by going to see them live or buying / downloading their music – it is a lifeline for them as they continue to struggle after COVID.

Thank you for helping to keep music live in Billericay. Being an independent promoter isn’t easy nowadays, with more and more venues closing down, I, along the artists who have appeared, really appreciate your support.

Do keep your eyes on my website for other upcoming events and some recent and very interesting (honestly) articles to read! I recently reached 150,000 hits with an average 120 hits a day whuch means that some people somewhere enjoy reading what I write! I also write a monthly article for the Billericay & Wickford Gazette and there are posted to my website too!

Don’t forget I’m always happy to catch up for a coffee / beer / curry!

Contact me on email or via Twitter or Facebook. 

Be safe and be blessed


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