Dear Judas,

Today is known in some parts of the world as ‘Spy Wednesday.’ The day you betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. I write to you from many years ahead to ask you to reconsider. In this brief letter, I want to tell you why you should not betray him.

1. He chose you

He chose you to hear the gospel. He chose you to know this Easter message. What a privilege. Will you neglect so great a salvation? Will you spurn the Jesus presented as crucified before you?

2. He has the words of eternal life

Where else can you go for eternal life? Nothing compares to that! If you knew a life-saving treatment was available, wouldn’t you do anything to gain it? Why would you neglect the medicine for life eternal?

3. He is worth so much more

Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. A pathetic price that he soon realised wasn’t worth it. What will you betray him for?
• Sex?
• Popularity?
• So-called freedom?

Nothing is worth betraying the father’s Beloved for. Nothing.

4. You will suffer

You may not die by your own hand. But if you deny Jesus, that same eternal destiny awaits you. Will you give up life for punishment? Will you give up joy for suffering? Will you give up heaven for hell?

5. It is never too late

Perhaps you think it is too late. That you’ve gone too far now. But that’s not true. Every person is either a Peter or a Judas: A betrayer of Christ who repents or who doesn’t. You can always repent and always be forgiven.

Why not do so now?

Alas Judas, I can’t write for you. For almost 2,000 years you have suffered for your crime. But I write this for the other Judases out there, who are considering giving up their Lord like you did.

Dear potential Judas let me speak to you  

This was written by Tim Wilson on Twitter