The Coronation of King Charles III will take place at 11.00 am on Saturday 6 May at Westminster Abbey. It will be live on BBC One, iPlayer and BBC Radio with a signed version on BBC Two and accessible coverage for people who are blind or partially sighted on the Red Button.

A brief guide to the Coronation Service

Almighty and ever faithful God,
We pray for Charles at this time of coronation.
Grant him grace in times of challenge,
Hope in time of struggle,
Support in times of weakness,
And faith in times of doubt.
May he lead in mercy and understanding.
Grant the King knowledge of your presence
and enable him to be a witness to your love and power.
Grant him grace, peace and joy
as he fulfils the role that you have called him to.
In Jesus’ name,


The Coronation Liturgy/Service Sheets Can be downloaded here Coronation Liturgy or Coronation Liturgy with Commentary

Hope Together : Crowned King This online booklet points to the King of Kings with a special Coronation Souvenir of Matthew’s gospel with an illustrated introduction on the Coronation. Crowned King includes beautiful images and an eloquent introduction by Catherine Butcher that unpacks the inherent Christian symbolism in the Coronation.

Prayer In addition, you may want to to pray:

  • For the King, the Queen Consort and the Royal Family and their calling to a life  of public service.
  • For our nation, for the Commonwealth and the family of nations of which we are a part at a time of significant change and challenge.
  • To learn more about the rich symbolism of the Coronation Service and its spiritual significance.
  • To reflect on Jesus, the Servant King, who has been crowned in glory, but who came to serve and who calls his followers to do the same.

The Coronation Prom There will be a special ‘Prom Praise’ live from the Royal Albert Hall at 7.00 pm on Saturday 6 May 2023. This is free to watch online.

Sunday Service There will be ONE service at Emmanuel on Sunday 7 May at 10.30 am when we shall celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III with a special service and prayers. Be sure to come wearing ‘Red, White & Blue!’ You can download the service sheet here Service of Commemoration for Coronation – 7 May 2023 vs3

Sunday Invite – vs2

Sunday invite - vs2

Coronation Sunday: The Servant King

The Coronation Big Lunch There will be a Coronation Big Lunch after the Morning Service at Christ Church at 12.30 pm. There will be bouncy castles, music, crafts and games as well as BBQ food and yummy desserts. Friends and family are welcome to join us. If you can let us know you’re coming it will help with the catering. Please contact Christ Church if you are planning to attend Donations of desserts and salads are requested! There is no charge but donations would be welcome.

The Coronation Concert will start at 8.00 pm on Sunday 7 May at Windsor Castle.  Featuring a range of performers including Andrea Bocelli, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Take That, the concert will be broadcast live on BBC One, BBC iPlayer, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds.

The Big Help Out will take place on Monday 8 May. It will highlight the positive impact volunteering has on communities across the nation by encouraging people to try volunteering for themselves and join the work being undertaken to support their local areas. It could be a great way to highlight the volunteer work that happens in our community every week. To find out more, visit

The Coronation should be a Christian event say one third of Brits