Some of you may have heard of Life coach Paul McGee AKA ‘The Sumo Guy’ (Shut Up, Move On).  Paul is a friend of a friend and we actually spent time on holiday with him and his family a few years ago.  He is a very interesting character and has some great soundbites that are relevant to many of us.  You can find out a little more about him at his website here

Anyway, he has just produced a ‘Twelve Nuggets of Wisdom for 2017’  which are quite thought-provoking and thought you might enjoy them:

  1. A sense of entitlement is your enemy. Focus and hard work are your greatest allies.

  2. Some people’s biggest fear is not getting it right. My biggest fear is not having tried.

  3. Rejection, setbacks, and heartaches can hurt us. But don’t allow a temporary bruise to become a permanent scar.

  4. A great question to sometimes ask yourself would be ‘How would the best version of me handle this?’

  5. Some people can be full of crap. But they can also be full of valuable lessons to teach us.

  6. The messenger is important, but it’s the message that really matters.

  7. It’s easy to become blasé about life. To be unimpressed or indifferent because we’ve seen or experienced it so often before. So you have to make gratitude a conscious choice.

  8. Remember, it’s a big world. And it doesn’t revolve around you. Sometimes we need to get over ourselves.

  9. Quit getting caught up in the minutiae of life. If you stare at the window you see finger prints and dust. If you look through the window you see the world.

  10. We all wrestle with demons and doubts. So show some compassion to people – starting with yourself.

  11. Some people spend too long staring at screens and not enough time engaging with life.

  12. Showing appreciation matters more than you think.