These are difficult times for independent artists who are struggling because of cancelled events during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many artists are not covered by the Chancellors measures for loss of income as they fall into the category of ‘self employed working person’ the most vulnerable, disposable and marginalised of all. And, whilst you will get a refund your ticket, artists usually don’t get paid by the venue/promoter.

Useless artists

Because the above statement is so true, and because you probably can’t buy anymore CD’s or vinyl’s of the artists you enjoy, might you be willing to help support some of the artists whose gigs in Billericay have been cancelled, and will be cancelled in the weeks to come, by buying tickets for #TheEventThatNeverHappened? An event that, you guessed it, will never happen!

Buy as many tickets as you like at the prices below and your donation will be helping artists to survive this difficult period. Tickets are priced at: £5, £10, £20, £30 and can be bought here


WeGotTickets have been supporting grassroots and independent events for almost 20 years and hope to be able to do so for at least 20 more. By paying a small booking fee during this period of uncertainty you’re helping to ensure they are here for your favourite venues and promoters after all this madness ends.

‘Tickets’ for ‘The Event That Never Happened’ are donations made to the event organiser who will distribute sales to artists whose events have been or will be cancelled in the coming months. Booking references generated for ‘The Event That Never Happened’ donations do not offer right of admission to any events and are non-refundable.

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