By Jayne Manfredi 

Save us, oh God.
Deliver us from our enemy and its many miseries.
It is an unseen terror like we’ve never known and its devastation seems unstoppable.

This deadly foe is without mercy.
It lurks in silence and murders the innocent.
It wreaks havoc upon the weak.
It annihilates the poor.
Not one person is truly safe from it.
It has us all in its grasp.

In you we seek refuge.
We cry out to you and ask that you hear our prayer.
Hear the sound of our weeping and be our shield.

In the absence of relief people say “where is your God?”
And so we ask too: how long must we all suffer?
How long?
Do not hide your face from us Lord.
We need you now more than ever.

Remind us that we have not been forgotten, for you are our rescuing strength.
You are our promise that the weak shall be strengthened.
The poor shall not perish.
The mentally exhausted and frail shall not be overcome.
We will not give in to our frustrations.
We will not succumb to anger and bitterness.
We will find solace in each other and take care of the vulnerable.
We will calm one another’s fears and be gentle with each other, and we shall all find comfort in you.

In our distress we cry out to you, in Jesus’ holy name.