It’s finished, it’s over.
There’s more of them than us and they look a lot bigger.
The villain’s got the girl and his finger’s on the trigger.
Voldemort, Sauron, and Vader reign.
It’s gone to penalties against the Germans again.

It’s a terrible feeling when hope is erased,
faith misplaced, virtue defaced, gloom embraced,
reputation replaced with a taste of disgrace.
When you’ve pushed every door,
and it’s been slammed in your face,
when you realise you’re third in a two-horse race.

So come, sit with me on Golgotha’s slopes.
See human history at its lowest ebb.
See the forces of goodness and grace on the ropes.
Evil had spoken, last rites read.

In a phoney gown and thorny crown,
he’s mocked and knocked and shamed.
As he staggers down through an angry town,
they spit and hit and hate.

Hands that forged galaxies and flung starry trails
are pierced and punctured by merciless nails.
His body succumbing to brutal infliction.
These, the horrors of crucifixion.

And as dice are tossed, hope is lost,
desolate disciples count the cost.
King of the Jews, his headrest embossed.
A criminal’s killing, on Calvary’s cross.

And as last words cut through foul-smelling air,
the whole of the cosmos cries out in despair.
It is finished. It’s over.

But then dawn breaks on Easter day,
darkness quakes as shadows give way to the light.

See, resurrection is the plan, it’s why God sent him.
And the comeback’s on, there’s a change of momentum.
The powers of damnation in previous jubilation
have been hushed and crushed by the Lord of creation.

See, he takes the hit, stands where we should have stood.
And that’s why we call Friday Good.
And he’s back with life and with us, and blessed.
And that’s why we can know it as Sunday Best.

So to the four-nil down, it’s the backs against the wall.
Listen to his rallying resurgent call.
And to those up against it, in brokenness and pain,
Easter’s story roars, “We go again!”

So thine be the glory, death’s lost its sting.
Here’s to Jesus, the comeback King.

“The Comeback” Video: Copyright 2020 – Evangelical Alliance UK/…