I know many of you have been deeply disturbed with events in the Ukraine in recent times and feel powerless to do anything about it – apart from pray. Some of you have expressed an interest in doing something more practical. I’ve been looking around to see what Christian mission organisations are doing in response, and most, such as Samaritans Purse (OCC) are asking for funding and not facilitating the resettlement of Ukrainian nationals.

However, Krish Kandiah, former principal of London School of Theology, and involved with Spring Harvest, has set up https://www.sanctuaryfoundation.org.uk/ to do just that. You may have seen him on BBC Breakfast in recent days.

Once you sign up to express an interest, you can name the person you would like to host.  A friend of mine, SD, has contacts with church leaders in Ukraine of families who are seeking refuge. He tells me, if you are interested in support a family in this way, it would be good to know if you are looking to house a woman or a family or an elderly couple and how many you could accommodate.

SD is in daily contact so this is something that could be resolved quite quickly.  If you feel this is something you would like to do, please sign up with Global Sanctuary Foundation and then contact me and I’ll pass on your details to SD who can help you with names to put down on your form.

Michael Gove has spoken about how mission organisations and church contacts have a significant role to play in welcoming refugees into the UK – so this is a government sanctioned approach to supporting Ukrainian refugees.

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Prayers for the Crisis in Ukraine