The clarity of Jesus’ teaching never ceases to amaze us. When Jesus spoke, people listened and their lives were never the same again. This summer Home Group series looks at what we can learn from Jesus in the way he engaged with those who were seeking answers to the questions of life.

This series is, intentionally, based on some well known passages from the Gospels which should help us to ’dig’ a little deeper in our discussions as well as the application of sharing our faith with others. As we follow this series, be sure to pray for opportunities to come your way. As we will see, some of these opportunities can come in the most unlikely of places.

Each of us have much to learn about how to share our faith with others. The series BLESS gave us some helpful strategies that we can put in place – do make an effort to put BLESS into practise when and where you can. 2023 is the year of BLESS as shown in our text for this year:

Church Text 2023

Home Group sermons are usually preached on the 2nd and 4 Sundays of the month. Full sermon notes will be provided in church and via our website. All sermons at our 10.30 am services are livestreamed to YouTube and recorded to our website here

14 May 2023 HG257: Calling Of The First Disciples
Matthew 4:18-5:16
21 May 2023 HG258: The Woman At The Well (Pentecost Sunday)
John 4:1-26
11 June 2023 HG259: Up On The Roof
Luke 5:17-26
25 June 2023 HG260: The Good Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37
9 July 2023 HG261: The Lost Son
Luke 15:11-32
23 July 2023 HG262: BBQ On The Beach
John 21:15-19