‘After The Fire’, also affectionately known as ATF, have  been around since the seventies and eighties. Then you would experience Rock and Roll at full power, fantastic light show and superb sound.  They were known to be Christians yet they were signed to CBS Sony records and were massively successful as a mainstream  band, mainly out of the UK, culminating in a top 5 hit in the  American Billboard charts. ATF took quality and accessible music performed by people not afraid to take Christianity into the mainstream.  The band played over 300 gigs, toured with ELO, Queen, Van Halen and shared a BBC In Concert stage with U2 as well as  headlining the Greenbelt festival.

Today, the make-up of the band is different; the charts have moved on and the band are starting a new chapter in their history. This  new phase has seen a   welcome return to Greenbelt and during 2005 ATF returned to the studio to re-record their former top 40 UK hit,  ‘One Rule For You’, re-titled ‘One Rule (For Trade Justice)’. In conjunction with Christian Aid, the band immersed themselves in MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaigns and events as well as  hitting the road again in an annual autumnal ‘Rock and Roll’ tour!

In recent times, they play an annual acoustic gig at the tiny chapel of Saint Peter’s on the Wall in Bradwell, Essex which is, as  many of you will know, the earliest church in England (654AD). What takes place there is an extraordinary way of doing church!  They play a handful of ATF songs mixed with other well known mainstream  pop songs with relevant lyrics and some traditional hymns. All this within an Orthodox liturgical structure based around Evening Prayer.   For the many who were present, it was an incredibly moving, uplifting and deeply spiritual whilst being very accessible.

ATF came to Emmanuel in March 2009 and led a similar service based around Holy Communion. This was a pioneering service and we showcased a quite unique event.  ATF also played a storming gig at Emmanuel on the last leg of their 2009 Autumn tour which was an exceptional night  enjoyed by all.  By their avoidance of the separation of sacred from  secular their music would equally be at home at the local pub as it  is in church and the concert hall.

There will be no Sunday school on 30th January as the service is accessible to young and old alike and we give you, and your family, a warm invitation to join with us.  Come early, as we’re sure to have a full church!